Irfan Maulana

Principal Engineer for Frontend at Tokopedia

Jakarta, Indonesia

(+62) 812-345-678-90

An experienced software engineer especially in frontend side.
Having deep knowledge in HTML, CSS (with its pre-processor) and JavaScript with the various framework. Write good quality, well tested, and fast delivered code.
Experience in architecting frontend codebase.
A well-known figure in the programming community, open-source creator, and writer for many technical articles.
Tokopedia, Jakarta — Principal Engineer for Frontend
  • Maintaining 20+ web apps in a single monorepo, mostly in React.js
  • Mentoring 80+ web engineers to write a better quality code
  • Part of the core team: mostly create tools to boost the developer productivity, doing research for new things on the web, gate-keeper for the core web platform initiatives
  • Create and maintain an in-house web performance monitoring dashboard
Bizzy Indonesia, Jakarta — Software Architect for Frontend
FEB 2019 - JUN 2019
  • Splitting the legacy big monolith frontend repo into micro repo based on the business domain
  • Introduce the coding best practices in Vue.js and Nuxt.js
  • Develop common utilities/helpers code
  • Setup the APM and Browser Monitoring using NewRelic
  • Initiate a weekly internal sharing session for all frontend engineers
Bizzy Indonesia, Jakarta — Software Development Engineer
JUL 2018 - FEB 2019
  • Join with the transaction tribe, develop new features and kill the bugs in the transaction module
  • Working with Nuxt.js app in the monolith repo
  • Introducing, spread the awareness, and help to setup the unit test for the frontend codebase, Jakarta — Sr. Software Development Engineer
JAN 2017 - JUN 2018
  • Helping migrate frontend codebase from JSP + AngularJS into modern codebase using Vue.js
  • Helping Blibli Pulsa, Blibli Travels, etc going live to production, Jakarta — Software Development Engineer
OCT 2015 - JAN 2017
  • Maintenance, bug fixing, adding new feature and improvement in our website.
  • Doing frontend stuff with AngularJS, jQuery, Vanilla Javascript, JSP, JSTL, SASS, CSS3.
  • Doing small stuff in backend using SpringMVC.
SML Technologies, Jakarta — Java Developer
AUG 2013 - OCT 2015
  • Develop java desktop application with JIDE and JDAF Framework
  • Develop front-end web application with Sencha ExtJs Framework.
  • Develop back-end Rest API with EJB and JPA.
Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta — Bachelor Degree
2009 - 2013
Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
Bizzy Front-office and Back-officeBizzy Indonesia
JUL 2018 - JUN 2019 Travel, Pulsa, Multi-Merchant
OCT 2015 - JUN 2018
Servo Analytica 4, Traversa R3 Routing Management, SIAGA Dashboard, Servo Availability Web, Dashboard BuilderSML Technologies
AUG 2013 - OCT 2015
FE Development
Bahasa Indonesia, English,