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Hi, I am Irfan Maulana :sunglasses:.

Principal Engineer in Tokopedia. Former Software Engineer in Bizzy, and SML Technologies.

An experienced software engineer especially in frontend side. Having deep knowledge in HTML, CSS (with its pre-processor) and JavaScript with the various framework. Write good quality, well tested, and fast delivered code. Experience in architecting frontend codebase.

A well-known figure in the programming community, open-source creator, and writer for many technical articles.

You can see my complete CV in my Linkedin Profile:

In the last few years, I have some presentations stage, mostly in tecnical area. You can check my open source work here.


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List of all talks :


Deep Tech Talk Vol. 12

Skilvul Webinar - Mendalami JavaScript Bareng

PHPID Online Learning #4


WebUnconf 2019

#53 JakartaJs x Shopee (JSDay Retrospektif)

Tech A Break x Bali.js x GDG Bali

DevC Jakarta Build Day 2019

Seminar Desain & Workshop IT

#46 JakartaJS Meetup, Talk Show: Career Path As Software Engineers


PHPID National Meetup 2018

UNSADA - DevTalk4

Seminar Modern Web - Lets Move to Modern Web with PWA

Facebook DevC Jakarta - KICK START 2018 - Big Startup Secrets


IT Fest UNJ 2017

BandungJS Meetup #5

Google Mobile Web Hackaton

UNSADA - DevTalk2

UNTAG - Seminar Teknologi - Technofest 2017

SML Techno Corner

Surabaya Developer Day 2017


Female Geek - Launching Sister to Sister Program

JakartaJS - April Meetup : React.js Fundamentals & Learning JavaScript

Php Indonesia Technology Update And Trend 2016 - II


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